Keeping Ghost Month Dead

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Location: Trondheim, , Norway

IMMUNDUS specializes in the art of Dark Ambient Music focusing on Haunting and Ghostly Atmospheres, transforming into music those moods that sometimes have major impact on our daily lives, those which many are just too busy to be aware of…but… do you ever get that feeling that someone is always there?, even when you are all alone? That feeling of being watched??

The mysterious side of life, paranormal, ghostly presences and heavy atmospheres and the intention to recreate what is inside all of us an connects us, one way or another.

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On Haunted Memories, Norwegian ambient artist "Immundus" draws even nearer to perfecting his signature sound of Mysterious and Haunting dark ambient. Immundus draws into the deepest phyche of his imagination to bring out an album that is both beautiful yet eerie and chilling.

This release comes on a Pro-CD Digipack with fitting arwork from 'Depraved Designs' and profesionally mastered by Andrea Marutti at Lips Vago Digital Studio in, Italy.

A very solid release and recommended to fans of unconvenional dark ambient as well as fans of instrumental music or horror soundtracks.

Projective Module

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Projective Module is currently composed of three artists: Juan Carlos Mendizabal, Etanna Zak, and Lydia Harari.

Juan Carlos Mendizabal is a composer and electronic musician. His most recent work is dedicated to creating music that will affect the listeners in subtle but profound ways. His work stems from the philosophy that music operates at a pre-linguistic level. The parts of the brain which listen to notes and rhythms are not intrinsically connected to or dependent on language, which makes these areas of the brain more innocent, more open to the greatest questions that we can ask. These unguarded places within the mind are more ready and willing to embark on journeys with no return.

Etanna Zak is an explorer of ritual activity and noise. She sees creative work as an act of defiance against the culture of the walking dead. Etanna was deeply influenced by watching "The Yellow Submarine" as a youngster. The effects of prolonged exposure to this animated work of art on her aberrant consciousness are still surfacing in her creative work today. She also listened to a Nine Inch Nails tape over and over again in her car despite her fathers warnings that it was devil music.

Lydia Harari is a blend of elements: part drone, part color, part salt. The doors of music have remained open, guiding her to pulsing beats, elongated tones, and experimental noises. She believes that music can indeed alter us, and wishes to forever be on the threshold of melodic mutation and manipulation.

For further information, contact Juan Carlos Mendizabal at (415) 289-6911

Sean Spicer is Better Then Myself

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A beautiful collection of peaceful songs-consisting of 12-string acoustic,sax,recorder and percussion.Will ease any restless soul.

Sean started playing guitar and taking lessons at age 9. He then studied music at Humber College and the Royal Conservatory of Music. At age 17 he joined Rush tribute band, "Void" and played in the Greater Toronto 'A' circuit, opening up for classic rock legend, Nazareth . In 1989-1995 toured the United States and Canada with Virgin Recording Artist, Paul London. Also in 1994 he records and toured with Indie-alternative recording artist, 'The Ruins'. Sean's style is combination of his early guitar heroes Alex Lifeson, David Gilmour and Andy Summers, a style with a warm tone mixed with bluesy melodic riffs and tasteful effects. 1997-2001 he joined and recorded with Christian recording artist 'Kat'. Sean played sessions on: When I Worship, For Every Star, First Fruits volumes 1 and 2. He also played many different concerts to support this material including 2001 March For Jesus and Wisdom Conference with Mike Murdock. 2001 saw Sean doing guitar session work 'Cool Jerk' for Columbia recording artist, Platinum Blonde/Chris Steffler who broke all musical boundries for all Canadian musicians in the early 80's. By 2002 Sean had recorded and released his own solo instrumental album, 'Textures'. In 2004 Sean was invited to go to Gouda , Holland in Europe to record with Indie Recording Artist where his playing is unprecedented and he is dubbed "The Canadian Yngwie Malmsteem". In the year 2006 Sean records Reflections of You a solo effort comprising of easy listening/romantic pieces is released Dec 1 2006 and has had great feedback and reviews as well as 4 maja nominations. The rest of 2007 saw the release of Here I Go with Johnny Juarez followed by television performances and opening for Jars of Clay and Avalon at Freedom Fest.Sean also did various session work with Jim Drakopoulos providing the punch to the award winning New Every Morning and the sensational follow up Run The Race. 2008 will see another CD with friend Jim Drakopoulos-Comfort and Strength as well as a solo release "New Season" featuring Laura Lee Cascagnette.

The single from the new CD called "My Creator" has been getting airplay across Canada, U.S.A,Europe,Australia and South Africa. Sean has also been given an artist endorsement from Gibson guitars,Hughes and Kettner amps,Fishman and Digitech multi-effects which has helped shape and evolve his style and tone.Sean recently won the 2008 Maja award for best duo with partner Johnny Juarez.2009 will be a year of new beginnings as Sean's instrumental music is being featured on the weather network in the U.S.A.

Location: Brampton, Ontario, Canada

My Daily High

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You just never know what you might come across while surfing the web. Found this jem on soundcloud called "My Daily High" by Azra Aganovic a Melbourne native. She tells me that she has no musical training and just goes with the feeling. "i spose every track is a feeling that i have ... so thats me just all feeling really"

I think sometimes lack of muscial training can add something to a track. In this case " My Daily High" is a Nu-Jazz track with chopping edits in all the right places with a few unexpected twists and turns. You get the feeling the edits were unintentional but somehow they work within track. The impromptu drum solo could maybe use a little more work, but other then that the track has some serious potential for a mellowed out sunday drive with friends. The raw honesty comes across for sure, and that's always pleasant.

Someone definitely needs to buy Azra some gear for Christmas, she has the instinct.

My Daily High by Cookieazz

She makes videos too? Not really sure if she made this or not.

AzrA's ConTempHead by Cookieazz

Keep following those feelings Azra!

I've Lost (Full Tracks)

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A special thanks to Bobby for letting us post the entire tracks of his EP "I've Lost"


Will god weep for me by mildelements

Stepping on Dust by mildelements

Stab by mildelements

Slipping Away by mildelements

Diminish by mildelements

Joe Renzetti Brings Some Darkness

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"The ambient electronic music of Joe Renzetti is a unique blend of ethnic and modern instrumentation over layers of textural drones and passages. The overall result is a more natural organic sound that breathes life in a flowing musical manner."

His ambient work began in San Francisco. In 1997 Joe created his debut "Discovery". This debut work is based entirely of synth space music. An instrumental concept album dubbed "a sonic journey to the heart of inner space", Discovery focusing more on atmospheres and moods rather than the traditional structured songs of popular music.

In 1999 Joe released his second album "Talking To The Dead". A conceptual CD like Discovery, Talking To The Dead is about the paranormal spirit world. The album features spooky bleak textures mixed with melodic passages from ethnic and electronic sounds and a few samples from the "dead". An evocative and sometimes scary soundtrack of the spiritual dreamscape. It was a surprise hit receiving rave reviews and praise from critics and fans alike. It's been played on numerous radio and Internet stations and in underground clubs as well as being mentioned in several industry magazines and web sites. The song "Lalurie" was featured on the nationally syndicated radio show Hearts of Space program titled "Funeral Songs".

Joe later returned to Columbus, OH and in 2001 released his third CD, "Remnants of Zen". A minimalist four part concept, each song a long atmospheric piece establishing a moment of tranquility and a reflection of the simplicity of ones past. The use of classic vintage synth sounds helps establish the mood. It's an attempt at capturing the sound of Zen itself.

In addition to his music Joe was also a DJ known as Ax Nyslie. He spun Gothic, Industrial, and Elecrtronica music every Sunday night at a Columbus Ohio club called Outland. During this time he created "Aniron". This album takes all the styles and influences of the past work coalesced into an intoxicating collage of hypnotic dreampop and ethereal passages. Aniron, taken from J.R.R. Tolkien's Sindarin language meaning "desire", features sounds of erotica and romanticism creating intimate moods and melodies of passion and sorrow. Aniron is layered with angelic voices, pulsating rhythms, chiming guitar passages and synth orchestrations. In addition to Joe's vocals, Aniron also features the haunting and beautiful voice of Ilona Euopa.

2007 saw the release of "Finding The Garden Sanctuary". It is a fantasy themed work that takes you on an ethereal journey into a secret lost world. The musical story is told through an array of quiet and stark phrases and haunting drones echoing through a cathedral of forests and gardens created with synthesized sounds of mystical creatures and voices guiding you to the garden sanctuary. The music creates a feeling of escapism away from the burdens of this modern existence into a dream world that is all your own.

Joe's music continues to be heard on radio shows and Internet streaming podcasts. His work has been featured in reviews by various print & online publications. He also has done CD mastering projects for other independent artists.

Joe Renzetti's Thanatos released

Thanatos is the newest release from ambient electronic artist Joe Renzetti. It is a break from the recent felicitous melodic work and dives deep into the darkest melancholic realm to date. Thanatos is dubbed as "The requiem for mankind". It is six compositions mixed in two parts, the alpha and omega, foretelling the grim ending of all things. It takes the listener on a tour of a global graveyard with eerie stark drones, hollow wails and moans, and slowly executed tortured notes until you descend into nothingness. Powerful and provocative, Thanatos is undaunted in its imagery of an apocalyptic nightmare that man has deeded to himself.

The music of Joe Renzetti is a unique blend of ethnic and modern instrumentation over layers of textural drones and passages. The overall result is a more natural organic sound that breathes life in a flowing musical manner. The compositions are conceptually written and focuses on creating moods and atmospheres that explore the psyche of the human nature and the environment we dwell in.


Location: Columbus, Ohio, USA

I've Lost

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I use a guitar, bass, voice, and sometimes other instruments and objects, through a looping system ala Robert Fripp’s Frippertronics. The music is played live and totally improvised from the start. This allows me to emotionally react to whatever space, time, state of mind, recent experience, etc., that I am experiencing, and subsequently each piece or performance becomes a personal reflection of the moment. But within this, there is an element of a metaphor for memories, or past experiences, that is reflected by the way the music is a continuous building on previous notes or sounds. These sounds also fade over time so the work then becomes a continous movement. Briefly, this was inspired by my readings and research into Existentialist philosophy, and more specifically the idea that who we are is dictated by the decisions we make, and that we have to take responsibility for those decisions. Also, that we are in a constant state of “becoming”.
I've Lost


Location: Portland, OR, United States